Pre-Paying – A Wise Investment

Pre-Need, Pre-Pay, Pre-Fund and Pre-Finance - these four words mean the same thing - it means that you pay for your funeral service in advance. By selecting one of our service plans and paying for it in full today, Yates Funeral Home and Crematory will guarantee to provide the same service and merchandise in the future for today's price.

Pre-Paying, A Wise Investment

Funds invested for a selection made today will be protected by the interest earned on the account. Pre-paying allows an individual to pay for their funeral at today's prices rather than the inflated prices of the future.

The State of Florida's Department of Financial Services in unison with the Board of Funeral and Cemeteries oversees the regulation of prepaid funeral accounts with continuous monitoring through audit of funeral home records. All funeral providers are required to place funds paid before death in trusts approved by the state. An insurance company can also be used for funding and is also tightly regulated by the state. There are many plans to fit your needs. You can either pay over time or all at once. By Pre-Paying, you relieve your family of the financial burden that accompanies your death.

We Are Here to Help

At Yates Funeral Home and Crematory, our goal is to never stop helping, and in that spirit we want to take the confusion out of the process of the funeral service and help you understand the options available to you and why it's important to think about and plan for your own death.