Life Tributes

Memories of a Lifetime

The Sportsman
Joe Yates
Founder of Yates Funeral Home
The Sportsman
Jean Marie McCauley
The Gardener
Warren A. Swinimer

We gratefully acknowledge and thank those familiies who have graciously allowed us to share their personal and moving Life Tributes so others can appreciate the comfort they offer.

At Yates Funeral Home we know Life Tributes bring comfort to families long after the funeral or memorial service has ended. We know this because families have told us so..

Here is what our families have to sayÖ

"Having a Life Tribute video playing at the service helped us focus on happier times instead of focusing on the loss."

"The video is a keepsake of a lifetime of memories; memories we hold dear in our hearts."

"We will pass the video down from generation to generation so each generation can remember their grandfather."

"The video is very lovely and provides daily comfort to my dad who suffers from Alzheimerís. Itís a special way of reminding him of their good times together."

"Everyone said how beautiful it was; I play it everyday and it brings me much comfort. It would be a shame if other families did not have the same opportunity for someone they loved."

"The video was a perfect tribute to my fatherís life. It made some people smile and cry. My children and I watch it all the time, we love it!"

If you are interested in learning more about our Life Tribute video, please feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Please contact us for more information