Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions About Funerals

Why do people have funerals?

Throughout the world people have always recognized life changing events with some type of ritual. Births, Marriages and Deaths are of the most significant and often have the greatest impact on life as it once was. Grief experts agree, the funeral experience, regardless of whether simple or elaborate, offers those left behind the opportunity to remember and celebrate a life. When someone dies we experience grief, and although it hurts, grief is part of the healing process and is not something to be hurried or ignored.

How can I create a meaningful funeral?

The best thing about today's funerals is that there is no specific set of rules to follow and we encourage families to work with us to create unique and meaningful services. You may consider including special music, poetry, readings, memorabilia, photograph collage displays and any other meaningful and symbolic items.

Are there services specifically for veterans?

At Yates Funeral Home we believe those who proudly served our county should be honored in a special way. Please click on this Veterans Link to view our special section devoted to "Honoring a Veteran."

Have additional questions and want to know more?

Please call or stop by and speak with one of our staff members — whatever your question we are here to help. Please click this Contact Us Link to view our contact information.