Burial or Entombment Options

For those who prefer burial or entombment there are a few questions you must consider before making any final decisions in the selecting a cemetery.

  • Do you want below ground interment or above ground entombment?
  • How many spaces do you need and who will eventually use the cemetery space?
  • Is the cemetery location convenient for family or friends whom you want to visit?
  • Do you prefer flat ground level markers or an upright monument?
  • Is religious affiliation important to you or your family?
  • As an honorably discharged veteran do you prefer using one of the National Cemeteries? Please click on this Veterans Link to view our Veterans page.

After considering these basic questions, we can help guide you in selecting a cemetery that meets your needs. Please call us as we are always here to assist you in any way we can. Click this Contact Us Link to view our contact information.

Cremation Burial

If you decide upon cremation, you can still have a burial as well. After cremation, the remains are placed in a niche mausoleum. Alternatively, you can choose to bury cremation remains in a family gravesite or a cremation garden.

Click on our Disposition of Cremation Remains section to view many meaningful ways in which you can dispose of the cremation remains.